About Ukskate.com

Ukskate is a UK online extreme sports shop, which was established in 2000 while the stunt scooters and aggressive skates scene was booming. In this period Ukskate became one of the biggest skate shops in the UK and sold everything from aggressive skates, stunt scooters and skateboards. Later on, stunt scooters became hugely popular and Ukskate grew even more. Now, 15 years later and under new management, the Ukskate.com shop has now been re-launched. It has had a serious face-lift, and we hope you like the new look. The team at Ukskate are massively creative and believe that good design and skating go hand in hand. We think that quality skate products deserve to be presented well and we hope that everything we produce is cool as hell and pleasing to the eye. As an extreme sports specialist, we are hoping to cater for everyone. We started off just selling aggressive skates, but have now expanded into skateboards, roller skates, recreational skates and stunt scooters. We are basically trying to meet everyone’s skating needs.If you are new to skating then we have written a little UK skate guide below to give you some information on each skating discipline. We understand that some of the skating disciplines sound very similar, so what is it that differentiates aggressive skates from roller skates? If you would like to know more about aggressive skating, carry on reading. You can get up-to-date info on our latest products by viewing the Ukskate Facebook page, Instagram (ukskateshop) and our blog.

Aggressive skates

Aggressive skating was a craze in the early 2000’s and was the starting point for UK skate. Aggressive skating is a sport without boundaries and the skates are specially designed to do stunts on. Riders are able to express themselves through performing grinds, spins and flips. Aggressive skates have souls plates and grooved frames to do grinds on.rnrnKey aggressive skate brands that we stock include Razors, USD, Xsjado, Valo, Roces and Seba. We stock accessories and after market parts from brands such as Eulogy, Gawds, Undercover, BHC, Ground Control and Jug. Clothing companies also support the aggressive skate scene and these include The Black Jack Project, Hatian and TRIarray. These are quality aggressive skate brands and through UK skate you can be certain that everything we stock has been scrutinised before making it onto our shelves.

Roller Skates

Roller skating harks back to the early 70’s disco era where bright colours, hippy culture and good times were prominent. Roller skates, otherwise known as quad skates are fun and come in a typical 2×2 wheel formation (two wheels at the front and two at the back). Roller skates offer an accessible and affordable means to get into skating. They come in a whole host of colours and are great for fitness. At UK skate we stock a good selection of quad skates. The brands that we support are Rookie, Roces, Bauer and Moxi.

Inline Skates

Inline skates or recreational skates are the classic fitness skate, that are still popular for people who want to keep in shape and enjoy themselves. Similar to aggressive skates, inline skates have 4 wheels arranged beneath each foot in a straight line. The wheels differ by being markedly bigger than those found on aggressive skates, meaning that the rider can reach higher speeds with less effort. Larger wheels also help when tackling inconsistent terrain and bumpy roads. At UK skate we offer a wide range of inline skates perfectly suited for fitness and they come from a number of quality brands including Seba, Powerslide, K2 and Rollerblade.

Stunt Scooters

Stunt scooters originated in Switzerland, and this was when only Micro and Razor produced scooters of decent quality. Since the early days of bolting together foldable scooters, the industry has flourished. Global competition circuits now exist for pro riders to show off their best tricks. This has been helped along by a whole host of major brands that have developed scooter products of amazing quality, that can be used to perform stunts on. Stunt scooters have grown from a child’s toy into a serious competitive action sport. Big brands that you should be aware of are Madd Gear, District, Grit, Crisp, Drone, Apex, Ethic, UrbanArtt and Blunt. The UK skate staff possess some particularly deep knowledge of freestyle scooters so you will be able to have any technical question answered. Expert advice is on hand to guide you through selecting parts for your perfect stunt scooter and we can give you advice, based on what terrain you like to ride, be it a skatepark or on the street.


Skateboarding is one of the biggest action sports around. The skateboarding industry is estimated to be worth £5 billion a year. Skateboards involves riding along on a wooden board with wheels and performing tricks.We stock some of the best skateboard brands in the world such as 5boro, Independent, Venture, Flip, Krux and Element.

Expert Scooter, Skating & Skateboarding Advice

Our Ukskate staff are made up of rollerbladers, skateboarders and scooter riders, so we can offer you expert advice. You just need to get in touch with us on 01613-437019 or email us at info [at] ukskate.com. Customers also have the chance of paying over the phone, with the option of free next day delivery on all skateboarding, roller blading, stunt scooter and aggressive skate goods. Thanks