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Drone Scooters are an exciting UK stunt scooter brand that was form about 5 years ago. Drone manufacture some of the sleekest scooter parts in the industry. Since their inception, Drone have consistently brought out high quality, bold and contemporary products starting with their drone forks. Drone’s elegant designs has made Drone Scooters a popular brand. Drone is one of the first brands to bring out the Neochrome color and has used this anodising technique to create, neochrome forks, neochrome clamps and neochrome wheels. The infamous scooter rider Ryan Williams has been seen riding the Majesty V1 Neochrome Forks.
Ukskate is a lead stockist of Drone Products and you can be sure to find every Drone part in stock. Drone have 3 types of Drone forks, 2 types of clamps, 1 signature wheel, 1 headset and a selection of different griptapes.
The Drone forks are called the Prime, Majesty V1 and Majesty V2 forks. The prime forks are the more expensive forks. These are a sleeker variation of the Majesty V2 fork. The two clamps are a double clamp and an SCS clamp. All Drone Scooter products are made from T6 aeroplane grade aluminium, making them massively strong.