Skateboard Decks & Trucks


Skateboard Decks, Trucks & Wheels at UKSKATE

Skateboarding was made popular in the 80’s and 90’s by super stars such as Rodney Mullen and Tony Hawks. Since blowing up, the sport has maintained its position at the top, as the number one action sport. Skateboarding culture has also grown and we have seen an increase in brands concentrating on clothing and style, rather than hardware. Skateboarding is the coolest extreme sport, and it will stay the coolest as long as brands carry on pumping out fantastically designed content.

Rather than bringing out complete skateboards, brands concentrate on bringing out specific elements of a skateboard set-up, These include skateboard decks, trucks & wheels. You can customise every element of your skateboard from the skateboard decks, to the nuts and bolts. At Ukskate we have tried to cut out all the bad quality brands. We have kept our selection clean.

Customising your perfect skateboard is all part of the skateboarding lifestyle. Here at Ukskate we hope to make things as simple as possible. If you would like us to grip your deck then let us know in the customer notes.

Here are a selection of brands we stock.

5Boro (Skateboard Decks)
Anti Hero
Flip (Skateboard Decks)
Isle (Skateboard Decks)
Diamond Clothing Co (Clothing)
Independent (Trucks)
Ricta (Wheels)
Zoo York