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Stunt scooters have been growing in popularity over the last 5 years. Unlike skateboarding and rollerblading, stunt scooters riding is incredibly accessible. In some respects scootering is a much more dynamic and exciting extreme sport. There is a huge catalogue of tricks. Simple ones only take a minute to learn. This allows riders to quickly progress. Adding to the enjoyment. Anyone over the age of 8 could easy pick up a scooter and have a great time. For younger riders we offer children’s scooters.

They are specifically designed for performing tricks on. The scooter is re-enforced in weak places. They consist of a solid one-piece deck, bars and polyurethane wheels. Ukskate offers an excellent range of complete stunt scooters from reputable brands such as MGPDrone ScootersEthic, Crisp, Grit and Blunt.

Latest Completes

We offer a large selection of quality parts.

Ukskate specialises in high end stunt scooter parts. We stock a huge range. All the stock at Ukskate is top-end. These brands are all represented by world class teams. MGP, Drone Scooters and Ethic are three brand you should become familiar with. They produce quality parts, that push the design boundaries within the industry.

Scooters consist of: scooter deck, wheels, fork, headset, grip-tape, grips, bars and bearings.

Popular Brands

We understand that no two riders are the same so Ukskate aims to offer our customers a huge range of brands. We offer stunt scooters for beginners. Slamm Scooters and Grit Scooters are great for those who have just started. For intermediate riders we offer brands such as Fasen, Madd Gear Pro and Ethic. For children, we offer Slamm and Globber. If you need any help in choosing the right one for you or your child then just give us a call. We are always happy to help.

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