About UKSkate


Ukskate was established in 2000 to cater for the booming aggressive skates scene and extreme sports industry. In this period Ukskate became one of the biggest skate shops in the UK and sold everything from aggressive skates, scooters and skateboards. The rise in popularity of stunt scooters later on saw Ukskate grow even more.

Now, 15 years later and under new management, the Ukskate.com shop website has now been re-launched and has had a serious face-lift. We hope you like the new look.
The team at Ukskate are creatively driven and we believe that good design and skating go hand in hand. We think that quality skate products deserve to be presented well and are hoping that everything we produce is pleasing to the eye.

As an extreme sports specialist, we are hoping to cater for everyone. We started off just selling aggressive skates, but have now expanded into skateboards, roller skates, recreational skates and the ever-growing stunt scooters industry. We are basically hoping to meet everyone’s skating needs.
– Ukskate


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