Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

All information you provide is strictly private and confidential. We adhere to the data protection act and treat all information, such as phone number, address, email address and name with strict confidence. We will not pass this information on to any third parties. In some cases this information is likely to be deleted.

WE DO NOT STORE CREDIT CARD INFORMATION. All over the phone payments are processed through a PCI compliant 3rd party payment gateway called worldpay moto. The credit card information is input in to the 3rd party app only to process the payment. These details are not written down or stored and disappear immediately after payment.


To improve your website experience and the functionality of the website, small cookie files are placed on your browser by This is a common practice by most large websites so don’t worry.

Cookies help the site to remember your settings and previous viewing choices, such as a product’s place in the cart.

Cookies are also used from amazon cloud front. Amazon cloud front is a service that improves the speed and deliverability of the site.

We don’t use cookies for any other purpose.