Scooter Deck

The scooter deck lies at the heart of every scooter set-up. This is what you stand on while riding. You can buy scooter decks separately from Ukskate and each brand offers their own unique benefits. Most scooter decks are made from light weight T6 aluminium and are extreme strong. You will struggle to snap a deck. Decks require an integrated head tube to be able to be compatible with threadless forks, SCS (standard compression systems) and HIC (hidden internal compression). Decks are also available in different widths all close to 4”. It could be well worth going and standing on a few different scooter decks to gauge what that best size for you would be.
We stock some of the best scooter decks on the market, such as Blunt, Apex, AO and Madd Gear Decks. The Madd Gear MGP MFX deck is one of the most popular and features their Trademark fluted gooseneck.

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