Skateboard Trucks
Skateboard Trucks are the metal components screwed to the base of the skateboard that support your weight and hold the wheels in place. Trucks and decks are universally compatible, however, you will need to purchase truck bolts separately. Trucks are often sold individually; you will need to add two to the cart if you require a pair from Ukskate. We offer some trucks that come as a pair so make sure you read the product description. Also the hangar length of your trucks (width) should measure up to the width of your deck. Here is a rough guide of what widths are compatible:

4.75″ hangar width for decks up to 7.5″
5.0” hangar width for decks up to 7.75″
5.25″ hangar width for decks up to 8.125″

We stock trucks from such brands as Independent, Krux and Venture.

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